In the early days, medical help was not easy to come by. Pioneers travelled long distances over poor roads to obtain emergency assistance. In some cases the only medical help available was the local chemist. As the district grew a permanent local doctor resided in Crow's Nest and a local hospital was build. More and more women turned to the nursing profession - some with outstanding careers.
Anderson, Unknown (Dr)  b. circa 1875
Harlin, Francis Wilfred (Dr)  b. 1870, d. 1945
Henderson, Ronald Lennox (Dr)  b. 1878, d. 31 July 1917
Henry, Robert Eric (Dr)  b. circa 1880
Just, Doris Joan  b. 4 July 1919, d. 3 April 2012
Kelly, Hilda (Matron)  b. 18 April 1898, d. 21 November 1981
Kruger, Margaret Elizabeth  b. 13 February 1910
Lawton, Zena Ethel  b. 18 September 1916, d. 1974
McGregor, Robina (Dr)  b. 1872, d. 1960
McKee, James Archibald  b. 1863, d. 11 June 1937
Morrow, John (Dr)  b. 1913, d. 22 March 1983
Studders, Caroline  b. 20 February 1855, d. 1939
Trappett, Daisy Ellen  b. 1910, d. 9 May 1981