William Kendall

M, b. circa 1770
  • William Kendall was born circa 1770.
  • William Kendall married Elizabeth Evelyn on 2 August 1798 in Cornwall.

Child of William Kendall and Elizabeth Evelyn

Margaret Jane Kennealy

F, b. circa 1905

Brigdett Kennedy

F, b. circa 1850
  • Brigdett Kennedy was born circa 1850.
  • Brigdett Kennedy married Silas Clothier in 1889 in New South Wales.

Edith Mary Kennedy

F, b. 4 January 1867, d. 4 June 1913
  • Edith Mary Kennedy was born on 4 January 1867 in Hillston. She was the daughter of Robert Henry Kennedy and Mary Bozzin Hume.
  • At the age of 23 years, 3 months and 6 days, Edith Mary Kennedy married Edward King, son of George King and Jane Crichton, on 10 April 1890 in Mt Lofty, South Australia.
  • Edith Mary Kennedy died on 4 June 1913 in Queensland at age 46.
  • Edith was buried on 6 July 1913 in Drayton & Toowooomba Cemetery.

Mary Kenner

F, b. circa 1735, d. February 1765
  • Mary Kenner was born circa 1735.
  • Mary Kenner married John Cornish on 17 March 1758 in Lewannick, Cornwall.
  • Mary Kenner died in February 1765 in Lewannick.
  • Mary was buried on 10 February 1765 in Lewannick, Cornwall.

Children of Mary Kenner and John Cornish

Margaret O'Neill Kenniff

F, b. circa 1880, d. 1951
  • Margaret O'Neill Kenniff was born circa 1880. She was the daughter of Patrick Kenniff and Margaret.
  • Margaret O'Neill Kenniff married William Dennis Donohoe circa 1905.
  • In 1934,her husband, William Dennis Donohoe died in Queensland.
  • Margaret O'Neill Kenniff died in 1951 in Queensland.

Children of Margaret O'Neill Kenniff and William Dennis Donohoe

Rachel Florence Isobel Kenny

F, b. 1874, d. 11 January 1950
  • Rachel Florence Isobel Kenny was born in 1874. She was the daughter of Michalel Henry Kenny and Mary Moore.
  • At the age of 31 years, Rachel Florence Isobel Kenny married Peter Farquharson, son of Charles Farquharson and Margaret Hanlon, in 1905 in Queensland.
  • Rachel Florence Isobel Kenny died on 11 January 1950 in Queensland.
  • Rachel was buried in Cabarlah Cemetery. UNIT-00D-0010.

Amelia (Emily) Keno

F, b. 1 January 1856, d. 3 April 1933
  • Amelia (Emily) Keno was born on 1 January 1856 in Chinchilla. She was the daugther of Frederick Keno and Louisa Voght.
  • At the age of 16 years, 7 months and 6 days, Amelia (Emily) Keno married Wilhelm Hess on 7 August 1872 in Queensland. After their marriage their first five children were born in Toowoomba. Their sixth child was born under a dray during the family's move to their property at Chinchilla. He was premature and died shortly after birth. His birth and death were not registered.
    They had a total of seventeen chldren losing seven in childhood.
    After moving from Dogwood Creek back to Douglas the family finally settled at Rosalie Plains.
  • On 13 September 1929,her husband, Wilhelm Hess died in Queensland at age 81. Wilhelm and Emily retired to Federal Street in Oakey several years before Wilhelm's death.
    After Wilhelm's death Emily lived with their son Willie (Ernest) at Pittsworth. She was a midwife.
  • Amelia (Emily) Keno died on 3 April 1933 in Queensland at age 77.
  • Amelia was buried in Oakey Cemetery.

Children of Amelia (Emily) Keno and Wilhelm Hess

Anne N Kent

F, b. 15 January 1916, d. 9 September 2005

Cecil Henry Isaac Kent

M, b. 18 August 1891, d. 11 June 1964
  • Cecil Henry Isaac Kent was born on 18 August 1891 in New Zealand. He was the son of Isabella Teresa and Isaac KENT.
  • At the age of 20 years, Cecil Henry Isaac Kent married Muriel Amy Holdaway, daughter of Thomas Holdaway and Mary Jane Ching, in 1912 in New Zealand.
  • Cecil Henry Isaac Kent died on 11 June 1964 in New Zealand at age 72.

Child of Cecil Henry Isaac Kent and Muriel Amy Holdaway

Cecilia Mona Dulcie Kent

F, b. 25 July 1914, d. 1998
  • Cecilia Mona Dulcie Kent was born on 25 July 1914 in New Zealand.
  • She was the daughter of Cecil Henry Isaac Kent and Muriel Amy Holdaway.
  • Cecilia Mona Dulcie Kent married Unknown Hooper circa 1936.
  • Cecilia Mona Dulcie Kent died in 1998 in New Zealand.
  • Cecilia Mona Dulcie Kent also went by the name of Mona.

James Kent


John Kent

M, b. circa 1800

Joseph Kent

M, b. circa 1670

Jessie Maria Kenway

F, b. 14 September 1877, d. 1952
  • Jessie Maria Kenway was born on 14 September 1877 in Queensland. She was the daughter of George French Kenway and Jane Andrews.
  • At the age of 23 years, 4 months and 30 days, Jessie Maria Kenway married John Toomey on 13 February 1901 in Queensland.
  • Jessie Maria Kenway and John Toomey appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1908 living at Crow's Nest. John was a cream carter.
  • Jessie Maria Kenway died in 1952 in Queensland.

Children of Jessie Maria Kenway and John Toomey

Julia Elizabeth Keogh

F, b. circa 1822, d. 14 October 1889
  • Julia Elizabeth Keogh was born circa 1822 in County Galway, Ireland. She was the daugther of Ignatius Keogh and Fran Arabella French.
  • Julia Elizabeth Keogh married Peter McKillop on 9 October 1848 in Victoria.
  • Julia Elizabeth Keogh died on 14 October 1889 in St Kilda.

Samuel Kerlin

M, b. circa 1875

Hazel Ethel Doreen Kerr

F, b. circa 1890
  • Hazel Ethel Doreen Kerr was born circa 1890.
  • Hazel Ethel Doreen Kerr married Percy Rowland Hartmann, son of Herman Hugo Hartmann and Elinor Elizabeth Davis, in 1924 in Queensland.
  • Hazel Ethel Doreen Kerr and Percy Rowland Hartmann's engagement was announced in "The Courier Mail" on 27 May 1927 - KERR-HARTMAN-The engagement is announced of Hazel Ethel, elder daughter of Mr and Mrs A G Kerr, Brisbane to Percy Rowland, younger son of the late H Hartman, Toowoomba, and Mrs. Hartman, Wooloowin.

Marion Robertson Kerr

F, b. circa 1860, d. 1946
  • Marion Robertson Kerr was born circa 1860. She was the daughter of Robert Kerr and Janet Houston.
  • Marion Robertson Kerr married James Nairn in 1886 in Queensland.
  • Marion Robertson Kerr and James Nairn appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1903 living at Crow's Nest. James was a railway guard.
  • In 1933,her husband, James Nairn died in Queensland.
  • Marion Robertson Kerr died in 1946 in Queensland.

Children of Marion Robertson Kerr and James Nairn

Mark John Kerr

M, b. 14 September 1905, d. May 1967
  • Mark John Kerr was born on 14 September 1905 in Winnepeg, Manitba, Canada. Marshall's biological father was an engineer from Canada. He left him with the Hoopers for a holiday when he was four years old and never returned. Marshall died before legislation was enacted for adult adoption. His birth name was Mark John Kerr.
  • He was the son of William Hooper and Ada Ellen Moore.
  • On 1909 his name was changed to Marshall John Hooper Marshall's biological father was an engineer from Canada. He left him with the Hoopers for a holiday when he was four years old and never returned. Marshall died before legislation was enacted for adult adoption.
  • At the age of 36 years, Mark John Kerr married Doris Catherine Rose Tierney, daughter of James Francis Tierney and Ella C R Yaldwyne, in 1942 in New South Wales.
  • Mark John Kerr died in May 1967 in New South Wales at age 61.

Archibald Cornelius Kerrison

M, b. 1907, d. 23 March 1971
  • Archibald Cornelius Kerrison was born in 1907. He was the son of Joseph KERRISON and Mary.
  • Archibald Cornelius Kerrison married Elsie May Poke, daughter of Ernest Albert Poke and Beatrice Blanche Burgess, circa 1930.
  • Archibald Cornelius Kerrison died on 23 March 1971 in Tasmania.

Kathleen Norah Kershaw

F, b. circa 1885

Maria Kesler

F, b. circa 1800
  • Maria Kesler was born circa 1800.
  • Maria Kesler married Christoph Trost circa 1825.

Child of Maria Kesler and Christoph Trost

George Kettel

M, b. 1805, d. 5 January 1854
  • George Kettel was born in 1805 in England. His father came from Wateringbury, Kent.
  • He was the son of William Kettel and Sarah Unknown.
  • George Kettel appeared on the census of 1841 in Liverpool Plains.
  • Between 30 August 1841 and 1842 George was granted a Depasturing License for "Moonbi" run on the Peel River at Liverpool Plains (now on the main Highway between Tamworth and Armidale. The lease was later taken up by Henry Dangar. A convict Joseph Robinson was assigned to him on 1 November 1841 to work on Moombi and Tuckermann Sheep Stations.
  • George Kettel died on 5 January 1854 in Dulacca, Queensland. He was killed by aboroginies. He died intestate. At the time of his death he was in partnership with Spinks ie Kettel and Spinks.
  • On 12 April 1854 The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser reported that two young aboriginals had been detained in connection with the murder. " Drayton, March 20.—Since my last communication I have to inform you that two aboriginal natives have been arrested at Wallon, on a charge of cattle stealing, which natives have confessed that they were present at the murder of Mr. James George Kettel, of the Schanning, and at the taking away of his sheep; On Friday, the third of March, Mr. Ferrett sent down a messenger to Mr. Lester, J.P., of Terreyboo, for assistance, stating that there were strange blacks on his run, endangering the lives of his men, and likely to do him damage. Lieutenant Irving and Sub-Lieutenant Nicol, of the native police, were at Terreyboo at the time, when Mr. Nicol was immediately dispatched with six troopers. He returned on the Monday, bringing the two blacks in handcuffs, on a charge of kill- ing and eating a bullock. These two men, who are both very young, and who have recently been in the employ of squatters in the neighbourhood, confess to have been present at the murder. There is, of course, no other evidence, nor could there be even if they were all arrested. It is reported that Lieutenant Irving is to have command of a new section, now being raised by Mr. Walker, and to be stationed at the Peak Downs, whither great quantities of stock are being already driven.—Correspondent of Englishman."
  • On 2 June 1855 The Moreton Bay Courier, reporting on an arbitration case between Moffatt and Nicols reported " C. F. D. Parkinson deposed that in May last about 3000 sheep were in his charge at Bogandilla, on Tchanning Creek. They had belonged to a Mr. Kettel, who had been killed by the blacks and were placed in witness's charge by the Acting Curator of intestate estates, at whose desire witness started with the sheep about the first of May last, and drove them to Eton Vale where he arrived on the 20th. Eighty-one of the ewes lambed on the road, and the lambs were knocked on the head by witness. He delivered the sheep to the overseer at Eton Vale."

William Kettel

M, b. circa 1740, d. 29 December 1831
  • William Kettel was born circa 1740.
  • William Kettel married Sarah Unknown circa 1775.
  • William Kettel died on 29 December 1831.

Child of William Kettel and Sarah Unknown

Rachel Kettle

F, b. 1877, d. July 1960
  • Rachel Kettle was born in 1877. She was the daughter of Richard Kettle and Sarah.
  • At the age of 22 years, Rachel Kettle married Thomas Henry Plant, son of James Plant and Rebecca Peyton, in 1899 in Queensland.
  • Rachel Kettle and Thomas Henry Plant appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1903 living at Geham. Thomas was a farmer.
  • Rachel Kettle and Thomas Henry Plant appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1913 living at Geham. Thomas was a farmer and Rachel carried out home duties.
  • Rachel Kettle died in July 1960 in Queensland.
  • Rachel was buried on 29 July 1960 in Cabarlah Cemetery.

Children of Rachel Kettle and Thomas Henry Plant

Daisy Louisa Keucke

F, b. 8 October 1886

Valerie Daisy Keueke

F, b. 7 May 1912, d. 10 December 2002

Conrad Keute

M, b. 1839, d. 27 April 1915
  • Conrad Keute was born in 1839.
  • Conrad Keute began an association with Susannah Ruhwedel circa 1881.
  • Conrad Keute died on 27 April 1915 in Queensland.
  • Conrad was buried on 28 April 1918 in Drayton & Toowoomba Cemetery.

Children of Conrad Keute and Susannah Ruhwedel

George Keute

M, b. 1891, d. 9 October 1931
  • George Keute was born in 1891 in Queensland. His birth was registered under RUHWEDEL.
  • He was the son of Conrad Keute and Susannah Ruhwedel.
  • George Keute appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1930 living at Perseverance. He was a labourer.
  • George Keute died on 9 October 1931 in Queensland.
  • George was buried on 10 October 1931 in Drayton & Toowoomba Cemetery. LUTH31-36-033-0037.