William Wilkin

M, b. May 1835, d. 1910
  • William Wilkin was born in May 1835 in Cambridge, England. He was the son of William WILKIN and Sarah ___.
  • At the age of 22 years and 1 month, William Wilkin married Eliza Wilkin on 13 June 1857 in St Andrew the Less, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England.
  • William Wilkin and Eliza Wilkin immigrated to Moreton Bay in 1857. William and Eliza were both listed as 22 years old. They travelled on the Blenheim (departure and arrivals dates not recorded on the passenger list.)
  • William Wilkin and Eliza Wilkin appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1903 living at Djuan. William was a labourer and Elizabeth carried out domestic duties. Their daughter Sarah was a domestic in Crow's Nest.
  • William Wilkin died in 1910 in Oakey, Queensland.

Children of William Wilkin and Eliza Wilkin

William Wilkin

M, b. 12 November 1906, d. 2 January 1966
  • William Wilkin was born on 12 November 1906 in Queensland.
  • He was the son of Henry Wilkin and Rebecca Jane Watson.
  • William Wilkin died on 2 January 1966 in Queensland at age 59.

William Wilkin

M, b. 1 October 1865, d. 1937
  • William Wilkin was born on 1 October 1865 in Queensland.
  • He was the son of William Wilkin and Eliza Wilkin.
  • At the age of 34 years, William Wilkin married Ellen Donald in 1900 in Queensland.
  • William Wilkin died in 1937 in Queensland.

Child of William Wilkin and Ellen Donald

William Edward Wilkin

M, b. circa 1903, d. 1959
  • William Edward Wilkin was born circa 1903.
  • He was the son of William Wilkin and Ellen Donald.
  • William Edward Wilkin died in 1959 in Queensland.

John Courtney Bellamy Wilkins

M, b. circa 1890

Julia Wilkins

F, b. circa 1865
  • Julia Wilkins was born circa 1865.
  • Julia Wilkins married Joseph Attwood circa 1890.

Children of Julia Wilkins and Joseph Attwood

Mary Wilkins


Child of Mary Wilkins and John Doble

Martha Wilkinson

F, b. circa 1870
  • Martha Wilkinson was born circa 1870.
  • Martha Wilkinson married John Budd in 1899 in Queensland.

Child of Martha Wilkinson and John Budd

Sarah Ann Wilkinson

F, b. circa 1830, d. 6 August 1870
  • Sarah Ann Wilkinson was born circa 1830 in Watford, England.
  • Sarah Ann Wilkinson married James Dothie on 3 February 1855 in Independant Chapel, Lonsdale Street, Melbourne.
  • On 11 January 1866,her husband, James Dothie died. He drowned at sea. The following article appeared in "The Argus" on 24 March 1866 -" DOTHIE.—Drowned on the 11th January, in the Bay of Biscay, in the wreck of the London, Mr. James Dothie, jun., aged thirty-five, formerly of Ipswich, Suffolk, and son-in-law of Mr. Henry Wilkinson, of St. Kilda, where he leaves a wife and five children to mourn their irreparable loss."
  • On 28 September 1866 On Friday 28 September 1866, a notice appeared in "The Argus" listing donations of over 513 pound for the relief of Sarah Ann and her children. A further 40 pound was acknowledged in "The Argus" on 26 January 1866.
  • On 26 December 1866 On Boxing Day 1866, Sarah's drapery shop was robbed. The following article appeared in "The Argus" on 11 Janaury 1867 -
    " ST. KILDA.-On Tuesday (before .Messrs. Wilson, Baillie, and Sydes), a Chinaman, giving the name of James Owen, was charged with burglariously entering the shop of Mrs. Sarah Dothie, in High-street, St. Kilda, and stealing therefrom a quantity of boots, of the value of £18 or £20. The prosecutrix deposed that on the 22nd December last the prisoner came to her shop, tried on a pair of boots, and asked her to put them aside, as he was waiting for his employer, a Mr. Jamieson, for whom he said he had been shepherding, and who would pay him his wages. He then left the shop, but was observed loitering about for an hour after. On Christmas Day, witness left her shop in the morning, and did not return until half past ten in the evening. Did not miss anything then, but on the following morning found that a pane of glass in a side window had been broken, and the catch turned. On the window-sill found a tobacco-pipe. Wit- ness then discovered that ten or twelve pairs of boots had been taken away, worth about 18s. 6d. per pair. The boots produced were exactly like those taken. John Hartley, detective-officer, deposed that he arrested the prisoner in Little Bourke-street, and charged him with having robbed Mrs. Dothie's shop. He was then sitting with one boot on,and was pulling on the other, of the pair pro-, duced. He said he had bought the boots in Geelong, and was never in Mrs. Dothie's shop. He took the prisoner to Mrs. Dothie, who at once identified him as the man who tried the boots on the 22nd. These boots, she believed, were the_same. Ah Fat (through the interpreter) said he knew the prisoner. Had smoked with him, and he used the pipe produced. Knew it because it was cracked at both sides. The pipe produced was the prisoner's pipe. Had seen the boots produced in the prisoner's possession. Saw prisoner take four pairs of boots to sell. He sold them on the 26th December (Wednesday), at a store, No. 80 Little Bourke-street. The pair produced were amongst the lot he saw him sell. Ah Hoe deposed that, on Christmas night, the prisoner asked him to go with him to rob a bookshop at St. Kilda. Witness de-clined, because he had no English clothes." ' He then said he would go himself. The pri- soner sharply cross-examined the several wit- nesses, and asked them did they get "ten bob) a-day)" and voluntarily stated that he had served two years at Pentridge, besides shorter terms. The Bench committed the prisoner for trial."
  • Sarah Ann Wilkinson died on 6 August 1870 in Glenferry Road, Hawthorne, Melbourne, Victoria.
  • Probate for her estate was granted on 22 June 1871 in New Courthhouse, Melbourne.

Children of Sarah Ann Wilkinson and James Dothie

Sarah Ann Wilkinson

F, b. circa 1880, d. 1955
  • Sarah Ann Wilkinson was born circa 1880. She was the daughter of Robinson Wilkinson and Harriet Atkin.
  • Sarah Ann Wilkinson married Henry Reuben Rose circa 1905.
  • In 1929,her husband, Henry Reuben Rose died in Queensland.
  • Sarah Ann Wilkinson died in 1955 in Queensland.

Children of Sarah Ann Wilkinson and Henry Reuben Rose

Weinert William W

M, b. circa 1875

Johanna Williams (Wilms)

F, b. 6 January 1868, d. 1 January 1942
  • Johanna Williams (Wilms) was also known as Wilms.
  • She was born on 6 January 1868 in Aubigny Parish. She was registered as the daughter of Peter Wilms and Margaret Culla.
  • She was the daughter of Peter Willims and Margaret Culla/Cullen.
  • At the age of 17 years, 4 months and 28 days, Johanna Williams (Wilms) married William Sondergeld, son of Johann George Sondergeld and Margarettta Ryle, on 3 June 1885 in Queensland.
  • Between 1894 and 1897 Johanna may have left William and lived with John Dalton. The births of the five children born after 1894 (John, Annie, Edward, Georgina and David) are registered without a father's name.
  • Johanna Williams (Wilms) appeared on the Electoral Roll between 1903 and 1908 living at Douglas. She carried out home duties.
  • She appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1909 living at Spring Street, Toowoomba. Johanna carried out home duties. Her son William Henry, a labourer, also llived at Spring Streeet.
  • She and John Dalton appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1913 living at Creek Street, Toowomba. Johanna carried out home duties and John was a labourer.
  • Johanna Williams (Wilms) appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1925 living at Gilberts, Norwood Street, Toowoomba. Johanna carried out home duties.
  • On 16 October 1926,her estranged husband, William Sondergeld died in Queensland.
  • At the age of 58 years, Johanna Williams (Wilms) married John Dalton, son of Edward Dalton and Margaret Cane, in 1927 in Queensland.
  • On 29 August 1929,her husband, John Dalton died in Queensland.
  • Johanna Williams (Wilms) appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1936 living at 2 Cummings Street, Toowoomba. Johanna and her daugther Georgenia carried out home duties. Son David Reginald was a labourer, and son Edward Victor was a painter living at Anzac Avenue with his wife Cecilia. All three children was listed under the name of Dalton.
  • Johanna Williams (Wilms) died on 1 January 1942 in Queensland at age 73.
  • Johanna was buried on 2 January 1942 in Drayton & Toowoomba Cemetery. RC4-007-0016. She is buried with John Dalton.

Children of Johanna Williams (Wilms) and William Sondergeld

Children of Johanna Williams (Wilms)

Dr Unknown Williams

M, b. circa 1885
  • Dr Unknown Williams was born circa 1885.
  • He appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1925 living at Crow's Nest. He was a surgeon.
  • He was the medical attendent when Adlof Henry (Henry) Gossow had a riding accident in November 1925
    ; Henry fractured his skull in a riding accident. The Brisbane Courier reported "-On Saturday last Henry Gossow, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Gossow, Pinelands, was out riding, when his horse got out of control. He leaped off, and clung to the animal's mane, but stumbled and fell heavily to the ground. He was first taken to Dr. Williams, and then to Toowoomba, when it was discovered that his skull was fractured."

Ada Jane Williams

F, b. 1882

Alexander Forrest Williams

M, b. 2 April 1902, d. 5 June 1963

Child of Alexander Forrest Williams and Edna May Tacey

Alfred Williams

M, b. circa 1855

Children of Alfred Williams and Fanny Bird

Alfred Williams

M, b. circa 1865
  • Alfred Williams was born circa 1865.
  • Alfred Williams married Jennie Leonard Boulton circa 1890.
  • Alfred Williams was named a co-defendant when Harry Edser applied to have his marriage to Ada Rose Haines dissolved in Oct 1908
    ; The marriage was not a success and on 20 October 1908, The Brisbane Courier reported:- " APPLICATION FOR DISSOLUTION
    OF MARRIAGE. Harry Edser, Crow's Nest farmer, applied for a dissolution of his marriage with Ada Rose Edser, nee Haines, on the grounds of adultery with James Creed, of Crow's Nest, bullock driver and Alfred Williams, of Crow's Nest, painter, who were joined as co-defendants. Mr McGregor (instructed by Messers Crouch and Darvall, town agents for Messrs. Eden and Groom, Toowoomba) appeared for the plaintiff, and there was no appearance of defendant or co-defendants. The petition set out that the parties were married on March 13, 1906, according to the rights of the Methodist Church and they lived together at Pinelands. Adultery was alleged to have taken place with Creed, and on other dates with Williams.
    His honour asked if there was any issue of marriage, and was informed there was a child, of which, however, plaintiff denied the paternity. His Honour held that this should appear in the petition. An adjournment was then granted in order the council might site authorities for amending the petition without re-service.
    Mr McGregor, on the court resuming, said he had not been able to find authority for amending without re-service, but, according to 36 L JMC 63 (1901) Challon v Challon, evidence could be taken at this stage.
    His Honour accordingly granted leave to amend the plaint and affidavit by stating the facts as to issue, and also for re-service, on the usual conditions. Evidence was then called.
    Plaintiff gave evidence in support of the petition. After living with his wife at Pinelands for about three months he had quarrelled with her mother and because he would not allow the mother to continue to reside with them his wife left him. A child was subsequently born of which the witness denied any paternity. Defendant afterwards went to reside at the home of her brother, George Haines. Witness then gave evidence as to what he had seen between defendant and the co-defendants.
    Ambrose Bearton, Alfred Edser, and E Jackson, clerks in the employ of Messrs Eden and Groom, solicitors, gave corroborative evidence.
    At this stage the case was adjourned to November 13."
  • Alfred Williams and Jennie Leonard Boulton appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1930 living at Pechey. He was a farmer.

Alma Florence Williams

F, b. December 1907, d. 1908
  • Alma Florence Williams was born in December 1907 in Queensland.
  • She was the daughter of Frederick Williams and Emma Birrer.
  • Alma Florence Williams died in 1908 in Queensland.

Ann Williams

F, b. circa 1775, d. December 1850
  • Ann Williams was born circa 1775.
  • Ann Williams married Samuel Sparshott on 3 July 1800 in Odiham, Hampshire.
  • Ann Williams and Samuel Sparshott appeared on the census of 7 June 1841 in Manor Farm, Weston Patrick, Hampshire, England. Samuel was shown as a 60 year old living with his wife Ann born Hampshire and their son Samuel Jnr aged 35, Samuel's wife or sister Elizabeth aged 35, William Sparshatt aged 60 and a number of servents/farm workers.

  • Her death was recorded with the Basingstroke Registration District in the December 1850 Quarter.

Children of Ann Williams and Samuel Sparshott

Ann Margaret Williams

F, b. 1909, d. 16 December 1987
  • Ann Margaret Williams was born in 1909 in Queensland. She was the daughter of Llewyyn WILLIAMS and Henrietta SPECHT.
  • At the age of 24 years, Ann Margaret Williams married Archibald Erle Bidgood, son of Harry Archibald Bidgood and Florence Eliza Tant, on 21 April 1933 in Queensland.
  • Ann Margaret Williams died on 16 December 1987. She died on the same day as his wife Archibald Erle.
  • Ann was buried on 22 December 1987 in Cabarlah Cemetery.

Annie M Williams

F, b. 1877

Archibald Thomas Williams

M, b. 22 April 1897, d. 22 March 1953
  • Archibald Thomas Williams was born on 22 April 1897 in Crow's Nest, Queensland.
  • He was the son of Thomas John Williams and Margaret Auld.
  • Archibald Thomas Williams commenced school at Crow's Nest State School in 1902.
  • At the age of 26 years, 6 months and 19 days, Archibald Thomas Williams married Gladys Hilda White on 10 November 1923 in Brisbane.
  • Archibald Thomas Williams died on 22 March 1953 in Brisbane at age 55.

Arthur Henry Williams

M, b. 29 April 1870, d. 18 November 1909
  • Arthur Henry Williams was born on 29 April 1870 in Toowoomba, Queensland.
  • He was the son of Thomas Williams and Catherine Maddern.
  • Arthur Henry Williams commenced school at Crow's Nest State School in 1877.
  • At the age of 28 years, 8 months and 19 days, Arthur Henry Williams married Mary Ann (Annie) Burgess, daughter of James Burgess and Ellen (Helen) Gillis Bridgeman, on 17 January 1899 in Queensland.
  • In 1902 he was a member of the first Crow's Nest Band; Band members were Raymond White, Frederick Williams, Alf Colthrup, James Gleeson, Walter George Benton, Norman White, John William Brass, Thomas Askin, Alfred William Blinco, Tim Gleeson, Anthony Lavery, James Connolly, James Nathanial Cole and HENDY.
  • Arthur Henry Williams and Mary Ann (Annie) Burgess appeared on the Electoral Roll between 1903 and 1908 living at Thallon Street, Crow's Nest. Arthur was a draper and Mary Ann carried out domestic duties.
  • In March 1905 Arthur gave evidence at the trial of John Ryan for the murder of Walter Benton at Pinelands. His testimony was reported in The Sydney Morning Herald :- "Arthur Henry Williams, draper, of Crows Nest, deposed that Benton had purchased one flannel and two pairs of dungaree trousers from witness. The trousers produced were similar to those sold to Benton. Witness compared the dungaree trousers obtained from Mrs. Neilson with another pair obtained from Ryan's home. The material was similar. Both had the same brand, but the tag and buckle on Ryan's trousers were larger than those on the other."
  • Arthur Henry Williams died on 18 November 1909 in Crow's Nest, Queensland, at age 39. Following Arthur's death Annie put the shop up for sale.
  • Arthur was buried after 18 November 1909 in Crow's Nest Cemetery.

Child of Arthur Henry Williams and Mary Ann (Annie) Burgess

Bertha M Williams

F, b. 1894, d. 1921
  • Bertha M Williams was born in 1894 in Wellington, New South Wales.
  • She was the daughter of Alfred Williams and Fanny Bird.
  • At the age of 20 years, Bertha M Williams married Edward John (James) Carolan in 1914 in Dubbo, New South Wales.
  • Bertha M Williams died in 1921 in Dubbo, New South Wales.

Child of Bertha M Williams and Edward John (James) Carolan

Caroline Ann Williams

F, b. 1879, d. 18 September 1960
  • Caroline Ann Williams was born in 1879. She was the daughte of William Williams.
  • Caroline Ann Williams married Alfred Dascombe, son of Jabez Dascombe and Susanne Baker, circa 1900.
  • On 26 September 1948,her husband, Alfred Dascombe died in Queensland at age 77.
  • Caroline Ann Williams died on 18 September 1960 in Brisbane, Queensland.
  • Caroline was buried in Kumbia Cemetery.

Children of Caroline Ann Williams and Alfred Dascombe

Catherine Margaret Williams

F, b. 20 September 1900, d. 3 August 1988
  • Catherine Margaret Williams was born on 20 September 1900 in Toowoomba, Queensland.
  • She was the daughter of Thomas John Williams and Margaret Auld.
  • At the age of 29 years, 9 months and 10 days, Catherine Margaret Williams married John McKenzie on 30 June 1930 in Ipswich.
  • Catherine Margaret Williams died on 3 August 1988 in Brisbane at age 87.
  • Catherine was buried in Lutwyche, Brisbane.

Catherine Mary Williams

F, b. 21 June 1866, d. 24 December 1935
  • Catherine Mary Williams was born on 21 June 1866 in Cornwall.
  • She was the daughter of Thomas Williams and Catherine Maddern.
  • Catherine Mary Williams's birth was registered in the Penzance, Cornwall Registration District in the September 1866 Quarter.
  • She commenced school at Crow's Nest State School in 1877.
  • At the age of 20 years, 8 months and 1 day, Catherine Mary Williams married Joseph Henry Gould, son of Joseph Gould and Eleanor (Ellen) Buchanan, on 22 February 1887 in Queensland. Their marriage was announced in the 20 June 1887 edition of a Cornish newspaper - it read:
    GOULD - WILLIAMS - At Queensland, Australia, February 12, Mr. Gould, farmer, to Katie, daughter of Mr. Thomas R. Williams (late of Newlyn West, Cornwall). The same edition of the newspaper announced the marriage of Catherine's cousin Jennie (Honor Jane) Bray to John Simmons in California. The cousins were married on the same day.
  • Catherine Mary Williams and Joseph Henry Gould appeared on the Electoral Roll between 1903 and 1908 living at Creek Street, Crow's Nest. Joseph was a timber getter and Catherine carried out home duties.
  • Catherine Mary Williams and Joseph Henry Gould appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1912 living at Creek Street, Crows Nest. Joseph was a timber getter.
  • Catherine Mary Williams died on 24 December 1935 in Brisbane, Queensland, at age 69.

Children of Catherine Mary Williams and Joseph Henry Gould

Charlotte Williams

F, b. 1775, d. 1816
  • Charlotte Williams was born in 1775.
  • At the age of 27 years, Charlotte Williams married John Cartwright Dunn, son of John Dunn and Margery Hunkin, in 1802 in Suffolk, Nansemond, Virginia.
  • Charlotte Williams died in 1816.

Child of Charlotte Williams and John Cartwright Dunn

Charlotte Sophia Williams

F, b. 24 January 1909

Cornwall Edgar Williams

M, b. 20 June 1875, d. 25 April 1956
  • Cornwall Edgar Williams was born on 20 June 1875 in Stanthorpe, Queensland, Australia.
  • He was the son of Thomas Williams and Catherine Maddern.
  • Cornwall Edgar Williams and Frederick Williams appeared on the Electoral Roll between 1903 and 1908 living at Djuan. They were farmers, as was their brother Owen (at Douglas.)
  • Cornwall Edgar Williams appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1913 living at Djuan. Cornwall was a farmer.
  • At the age of 38 years, 6 months and 25 days, Cornwall Edgar Williams married Annie Eugenie Stenzel, daughter of Gustav Stenzel and Anna Eliza Sonnenberg, on 14 January 1914 in St Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Toowoomba.
  • Cornwall Edgar Williams and Annie Eugenie Stenzel appeared on the Electoral Roll between 1925 and 1943 living at Pinelands. Cornwall was a farmer.
  • Cornwall Edgar Williams was listed as the next of kin of Henry Albert Williams when she enlisted in the Australian Army on 30 March 1941 in Crow's Nest. He was living at Crow's Nest at the time he enlisted and gave his next of kin as his father Cornwall. At the time of his death he was a Lance Corporal with the 25th Australian Infantry.
  • In the early 1950's, Corny wrote the following article for the book "Crows Nest History" - When but a babe in arms Mr Corney Williams, who was to become a distinguished Pinelands personality, arrived at Crow's Nest with his parents, Mr and Mrs Thomas Williams. The family comprised of five children - Tom aged 11; Kate nine; Mark and Owen, both younger. The family came direct from Stanthorpe where Corney was born on 20 June 1875. Other members of the family who were born at Crow's Nest were Fred and Lily. Lily was born 1 July 1879. The trip was made from Stanthorpe in a horse and dray. His father took up a selection in the vicinity of the Tin Mines and worked for Mr Hume the surveyor, who was operating in the district and did odd jobs, plus a little on his selection when the needs of providing a livelihood permitted such a respite. The Littletons were the only other residents of Crows Nest when the Williams family arrived. Corney attended Crows Nest School when Mr Jackson was the teacher. The name Corney springs from Cornwall England, of which his mother was a native and she commemorated her birth place by naming her fifth child Cornwall. The family arrived in Crow's Nest in July 1875.
  • Cornwall Edgar Williams died on 25 April 1956 in Crow's Nest, Queensland, at age 80.
  • Cornwall was buried in Crow's Nest Cemetery.

Children of Cornwall Edgar Williams and Annie Eugenie Stenzel