Alice Ann Burgess

F, b. 30 October 1879, d. 21 October 1968
  • Alice Ann Burgess was born on 30 October 1879 in Deloraine, Tasmania.
  • She was the daughter of William Burgess and Rebecca Pickett.
  • At the age of 20 years, 3 months and 22 days, Alice Ann Burgess married Michael Malony on 24 February 1900 in St Patrick's Church, Latrobe, Tasmania.
  • Alice Ann Burgess died on 21 October 1968 in Sheffield at age 88.
  • Alice was buried in Sheffield General Cemetery.

Child of Alice Ann Burgess and Michael Malony

Allan George Burgess

M, b. 14 April 1840, d. 25 June 1884
  • Allan George Burgess was born on 14 April 1840 in Clavering, Essex.
  • He was the son of Phillip Burgess and Lydia Jackson.
  • Allan George Burgess's birth was registered in the Essex, an unknown place Registration District in the June 1840 Quarter.
  • He and James Burgess immigrated to Moreton Bay on 1 February 1862. The Jessie Munn sailed from Plymouth in Nov 1861 and arrived 1 Feb 1862. Allan aged 21 and James aged 18, were on board.With them were their relations the Wayatts and Jacksons.
  • Allan George Burgess and James Burgess made an application to select land. James applied for 50 acres (Portion 384)and on 28 July applied for another 40 acres (Portion 389) while Allan applied for 80 acres (Portion 383)
    on 14 July 1870.
  • In 1873 he was Farmer.
  • On 18 February 1873 the following article appeared in the Brisbane Courier Mail :-
    The ordinary monthly court was held on the 10th Instant, when the following selections were conditionally approved:-
    Allen Burgess, 100 acres, parish of Meringandan.
    James Burgess, 100 acres, Portion 384, Parish of Meringandan.
    William Gillis, 100 acres, parish of Meringandan.
    Another application put in by Mr Gillis was rejected on the ground that he had already obtained three selections - DD Gazette
    James and Allen's selections were adjacent to each other and they helped one another clear their blocks and establish a home.
  • At the age of 32 years, 10 months and 5 days, Allan George Burgess married Catherine Gillis, daughter of William Gillis and Jane Eyles, on 19 February 1873 in St James Church, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. This was a double wedding with her sister Helen Gillis & James Burgess, the brother of Allan Burgess. Allen was shown as a 33 year old bachelor farmer, born Clavering Essex and Catherine a 21 year old spinster born Brisbane with no occupation. Both listed their residence as Meringandan. Allan's parents were Philip Burgess, a bricklayer and Lydia Jackson; Catherines parents William Gillis a farmer and Jane Hiles (Eyles). Witnesses to the marriage were George F Bennett and C T Edwards.
  • Allan George Burgess died on 25 June 1884 in Queensland at age 44.

Children of Allan George Burgess and Catherine Gillis

Allan George Burgess

M, b. 1 February 1884, d. 1 February 1966

Children of Allan George Burgess and Anna Louise Wrembeck

Allan George Burgess

M, b. 3 July 1904, d. 8 March 1981

Allan Samuel Burgess

M, b. 12 September 1907, d. 30 November 1935
  • Allan Samuel Burgess was born on 12 September 1907 in Elizabeth Town, Tasmania.
  • He was the son of Samuel Burgess and Ada Johnson.
  • In November 1931 a motor cyle was stolen from Allans garage in Elizabeth Town. On 28 November 1931, the Mercury reported - COUNTRY ROBBERIES Three Garages Entered Motor-Cycle Stolen
    It has been reported to the police at Launceston that between midnight on November 20 and the following morning a shed on the property of Mr Alan Samuel Burgess, of Elizabeth Town, was broken into, and a motor cycle valued at £50 stolen. No - trace has been found of tho cycle, the registration number of which is stated to be 2A139 and the engine number 38919.

  • Allan Samuel Burgess died on 30 November 1935 in Devon Public Hospital, Latrobe, Tasmania, at age 28. He died as the result of an accident.
  • An inquest was held into Allan Samuel Burgess's death on 2 December 1935 in Latrobe District Court. The Launceston Examiner reported:- "
    ROAD FATALITY Motor Cyclist Killed BROTHER INJURED In an accident at Tarleton, near Latrobe, on Saturday evening, Alan Samuel Burgess (24), of Elizabeth Town, the rider of a motor cycle, which collided with a motor car driven by Ro bert Henry Smith, of Devonport, lost his life. The victim received a fracture of the skull and other injuries. His brother, Samuel George Burgess (15), who was riding on the pillion seat, received severe abdominal and internal injuries and a fractured leg, and is in a serious condition. The dri ver of the car escaped injury. The two men were conveyed to the Devon hos pital on the advice of Dr. G. A. Wal pole. Both the car and cycle were considerably damaged. An inquest into the death of Bur gess was opened yesterday at the Devon Hosplital by the Coroner (Col onel J. P. Clark), and after evidence of identification had been given it was adjourned to a date to be fixed.

    On 10 January the newspapers reported the findings of the inquest-
    ACCIDENTAL DEATH Inquest into Latrobe Motor Cycle Crash The adjourned inquest into the death of Allen Samuel Burgess, of Elizabeth Town, who died from injuries received on November 30 when he was a pillion rider on a motor cycle, driven by his brother, Samuel George Burgess, whioh collided with a motor-car driven by Robert Henry Smith, of Devonport, on the Latrobe-Devonport road, was continued before the coroner (Col. J. P. Clark) at Latrobe yesterday. A verdict of accidental death was returned. Inspector E. C. Flude (Devonport) and Sergeant W. G. Woodorth (Latrobe) watched proceedings on behalf of the police. Samuel George Burgess, who was driving the motor-cycle, and who is still being treated at the Devon Hospital, stated that he remembered leaving Preston with his brother on the pillion seat of the motor-cycle. He could not remember anything that happened after passing Ulverstone. His next recollection was of being in the Devon Hospital. Robert Henry Smith, of Devonport, stated that he was driving towards Devonport on the day in question. He was travelling about 25 miles per hour when the cycle appeared, travelling on the wrong side of the road. It crashed into the bumper bars of the car and the car ran off the road. The cyclists were thrown on to the roadway. Witness said he had had trouble with the front brakes of the car for some time, but it was a four-wheel brake vehicle. Frank Stanley Boatwright, of Devonport, said the motor-cycle was travelling on the wrong side. He considered that the driver of the cycle did not see the car approaching until he suddenly endeavoured to get on to his correct side.

    Before the Coroner (Colonel J. P.Clark), at the Latrobe Court House yesterday, the inquest into the death of Allen Samuel Burgess, of Elizabeth Town, was concluded. Burgess was riding on the pillion seat of a motor cycle driven by his brother, Samuel George Burgess, on November 30,-when the cycle collided, with a motor car driven by Robert Henry Smith, of Devonport, on the Latrobe-Devonport Road. Samuel George Burgess ls still receiving treatment at the Devon Hospital.
    The Coroner recorded, a finding of accidental death."

Aman Hedley Burgess

M, b. 15 February 1915, d. December 1986
  • Aman Hedley Burgess was born on 15 February 1915 in Smithton, Tasmania.
  • He was the son of Arthur Burgess and Sarah Elizabeth McPhee.
  • Aman Hedley Burgess married Daphne Caroline Stokes circa 1940.
  • Aman Hedley Burgess died in December 1986 at age 71.
  • Aman was buried in Burnie General Lawn Cemetery.

Ambrose Burgess

M, b. 28 November 1875, d. 11 July 1953
  • Ambrose Burgess was also known as Brownie.
  • He was born on 28 November 1875 in Deloraine, Tasmania.
  • He was the son of George Burgess and Mary Ann Smith.
  • At the age of 29 years, Ambrose Burgess married Florence Elizabeth Butler in 1905.
  • On 12 April 1916,his wife, Florence Elizabeth Butler died in North Motton, Tasmania, at age 39.
  • Ambrose Burgess died on 11 July 1953 in Ulverstone, Tasmania, at age 77.

Children of Ambrose Burgess and Florence Elizabeth Butler

Amelia Burgess

F, b. 18 September 1869, d. 18 June 1950
  • Amelia Burgess was born on 18 September 1869 in Deloraine, Tasmania.
  • She was the daughter of George Burgess and Mary Ann Smith.
  • At the age of 22 years, 2 months and 7 days, Amelia Burgess married Emmanuel (James) Broomhall on 25 November 1891 in Deloraine, Tasmania.
  • Amelia Burgess died on 18 June 1950 in Parkham, Tasmania, at age 80.
  • Amelia was buried in Deloraine General Cemetery.

Children of Amelia Burgess and Emmanuel (James) Broomhall

Amy Adeline Burgess

F, b. 27 July 1896

Ann Burgess

F, b. October 1829, d. 4 September 1915

Ann Hooper (nee Burgess). Taken on her 84th Birthday in 1914

  • Ann Burgess was born in October 1829 in Chiselborough, Somerset, England.
  • She was the daughter of Samuel Burgess and Ann Crocker.
  • Ann Burgess was baptized on 18 October 1829 in Chiselborough, Somerset, England.
  • At the time of the 7 June 1841 census, Ann Burgess was living in the household of Samuel Burgess and Ann Crocker in East Street, Chiselborough, Somerset. Samuel was shown as an agricultural labourer, aged 55. Ann is 55. Their children Ann 10, John 20, and Samuel 15 are also living with them as well as 35 year old Sarah Burgess.

  • Ann Burgess appeared on the census of 30 March 1851 in 5 Cat Street, Chiselborough, Somerset. She was a glove maker and lodged with a widow called Harriett Randall, aged 63, a needlewoman, her niece Harriett Stower, a dressmaker. An Elizabeth Burgess aged 19 also lodged with them. Both Ann and Elizabeth were living in Chiselborough.

  • By 1855 Ann had a brother in Sydney, Samuel, and brother George in Tasmania, and cousins Henry and Jane had immigrated to Sydney also. Ann was very keen to come to Australia and she is mentioned in a letter from her mother to her brother Samuel in Golbourn NSW. The letter was written on 9 May 1844 and reads: "now about sister Ann would have come out but she cant manage to do it there is a pound to pay entrance besides and sertain quantity of clothing besides going to the port where the vessel sails from she gave in her name but cant get the money so we dont think she will come out this time she is a fine young woman and would make a good servant" and in another part of the letter " your sister Ann will be sure to come to you if you send the five pound as you promised I hope you will be able to do it."
  • At the age of 25 years and 8 months, Ann Burgess married John Hooper, son of Thomas Hooper and Elizabeth (Betsy) Hockey, on 4 June 1855 in Chiselborough, Somerset, England.
  • The following is an extract from the book "Hoopers".
    "Shortly after John and Ann arrived in Queensland late in 1855 they went to Maroon Station. It was a leasehold station held by James Carden Collins who at that time was the only white man on the station. The station buildings consisted of only a hut or two.
    The aborigines were greatly concerned about he arrival a o white woman. On the morning following their arrival at Maroon Station, Ann set about making a fire to cook breakfast. Looking up, after bending over the fire, she was confronted by about a dozen aborigines in all their pristine nudity. They stood as though affixed to the earth and gazed at her with the curious bewilderment of startled cattle. It was the first time she had seen a group of aborigines at close view. Naturally, she was terror stricken and the aborigines were apparently just as frightened. Not a word was spoken on either side, The natives turned and bolted for the bush. Then Mrs Collins, wife of the station owner, arrived at the station, and the natives took a curious interest in the movements of the women.
    John's job was to transport provisions and equipment by bullock dray from Ipswich to Maroon and also to Unumbar Station at the head of the Richmond River. A few of the aboriginal women became friendly with Ann and would stay with her for company as John was very often awy for long periods at a time.
    In those days bullock drays had no breaks and when John would come to a steep part on the rough and privative track that had been cut through the scrubs and mountains, he would have to hitch a tree on the back of the dray to serve as a brake. Peak Mountain Station, Dugandan Station and Coochin-Coochin Station were then the only settled places on the Ipswich- Maroon journey. Transportation of supplies was a slow and hazardous undertaking, but it was regularly done by John during the nine years he was employed at Maroon. He would be accompanied on the journey's by two aborigines, named Johnnie and Joey, who would help him to chain the bullocks to trees overnight, otherwise the animals would have taken to the bush. Johnnie was later taken by the police to be a tracker in Roma, but he escaped and died as an old man in New South Wales. Joey lived to an old age too and died at Beaudesert.
    John and Ann's daughters, Elizabeth Ann and Eliza (“Liza) were born at Maroon in June 1857 and August 1858.
    In 1858, John took up 36 acres of land at Purga, called “Nine Mile”, but he continued to work for Collins at Maroon Station.
    Their first son, John Thomas (“Johnny”) was born at Maroon in August 1860 and another daughter Ellen, in September 1861.
    In 1862 John was joined in Australia by his younger brother, James Thomas, who also began working for Collins at Maroon.
    During the time aborigines were giving trouble at Maroon, Ann was taken to Coochin-Coochin Station (the lease of which had been taken up by Carden Collins and a partner, Saunders in 1861. The homestead was then at Bunjurgen where there was another woman, Mrs Lister. During this time at Coochin-Coochin Mary (“Polly”) war born in January 1864.
    After nine years at Maroon, in 1864, John and Ann moved onto their block at Nine Mile, Purga and he began to grow cotton, maize and potatoes. He was also doing extra work as a bullock driver, as well, because at that time of the birth of George James (“Jimmy”) in May 1865, he noted his occupation as bullock driver and signed with his X mark. Other children were born at Purga: William in May 1869 and Oliver in November 1871 and the last, a daughter, Sarah Jane (“Janey”) at Ipswich in 1876.
    In 1877 James stepped out a block of land at and persuaded John to apply for it. He was successful and under the Crown Lands alienation Act of 1875, application for Lease No 7623 was granted at 2.30 pm on May 1st 1877 to John Hooper, to lease before survey, 330 acres @ 6d per acre for 5 years, for which a down payment of £16.10.0, plus £7 survey fee was paid. The land was described as “undulating forest land”. The records show that the land was occupied from June 1877. The Act provided that to ensure ultimate title to the land, the occupant had to make required improvements. The block took in the area from what is now Boonah Hill to McCourt's hill ie from Dugandan Hotel to the cemetery. The area down from the cemetery became known locally as Hooper's flat.
    John began to clear and cultivate the alluvial flats but mobs of marsupials would come down from the surrounding scrub and ridges at dusk and forage in his crops. Paling fences were erected to keep out the wallabies. John was on the verge of despair when the Government proclaimed a scalping fee for each marsupial destroyed.
    The bailiff's report of his inspection of John Hooper's selection , dated October 7th 1881 gives some indication of how the site was improved by hand (and hard) labour in four years. “A dwelling of two rooms, slab walls and floors, wooden shingle roof, occupied by the applicant, valued at £15; 14 acres cleared @ £1.10.0 per acre; cultivation 40 acres ring barked @ 3/- per acre; 2½ miles split paling and wired fence valued at £44 per mile; 48 rods of tenoned and mortised and split rail fence @ 4/6 per rod. Crops – cotton, corn, and pumpkins”
    With no sawmill all the timber for the cottages had been split by hand – an probably the only outlay of money was the cost of the nails. John brought Ann and the family to this slab building – the first home in Boonah, which he had built on the higher ground at Boonah Hill, preferring it to the former town area of Dugandan, which was very wet.
    The lease hold tenure of the land was later convertible to freehold on payment of 10/- per acre. For this expense John my have had some financial assistance from relatives in America.
    On the flats John continued to grow cotton, a little maize (corn) and potatoes. From 1866 John's son, William, worked for him on and off at Boonah until Willie went back to droving. John also employed three aboriginal labourers to assist him.
    John continued to use his bullock team for ploughing and with his bullock dray he used to carry farmer's maize to Ipswich and later Peak Crossing, after the railway was built to Harrisville. When the line was built to Boonah, then Dugandan he didn't use the bullock team. Willie then used the team for clearing timber off his block at Allen Creek. With the coming of the railway to Dugandan in 1887, the country opened up and Boonah grew rapidly.
    John Hooper could be call the “Father of Boonah” as the site of his land became a thriving township, to his good fortune. When the sons, Jimmy and Willie came back to Boonah from Christmas Creek, the balance of John's land ws cut up into building blocks. The streets of Boonah bear the names of the Hooper family. Some of the land became the Boonah Show Grounds and much later in the 1980's a Golf course was developed.
    John Hooper built his home at 20 Church Street, as their circumstances improved. The furniture for the house was made from cedar taken off the block.
    John Hooper gave land for the Anglican Church in 1890. and was himself a Church Warden of the Boonah area of the Harrisville-Boonah parish. The family enjoyed the company of John and Ann and visiting children were always given half a crown – later 2/6. They were looked back on as very happy days. Strict rules applied in the home however and never a pack of cards was allowed in the house.
    After Ann and John's death Willie moved back to Boonah again, after 19 years absence, as he was trustee of the Estate, having attended to John's financial affairs since leaving school at the age of 11, because John was illiterate. At Willies insistence th home in Church Street was left to Eliza because she had cared for John and Ann. The house was subsequently sold by her husband, John Bosako. Also mentioned in John's Will was Jane, wife of Percy Arthy, and daughter of their eldest child, Elizabeth (“Lizzie”) who had died in childbirth in 1889”.

  • Ann Burgess and John Hooper immigrated to Moreton Bay, Australia, on the "Conrad" which set sail from Plymouth on August 4, 1855,with her Ann and John as assisted passengers. Ann was on her way to Australia at last, but her life was far from that imagined by her mother who saw an as "making a good maid". Also on board the "Conrad" was Ann's brother John Burgess, his wife Susan and their four children.
  • John and Ann's first four children - Elizabeth, Eliza, John Thomas and Ellen was born between 1857 and 1861 at Maroon Station.
  • Ann Burgess and John Hooper appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1903 living at Church Street, Boonah. John's occupation was given as farmer. Their son Oliver was also farming in the district while son John Thomas was a timber getter.
  • Ann Burgess died on 4 September 1915 in Boonah, Queensland, at age 85.
  • Ann was buried on 4 September 1915 in Boonah General Cemetery, Queensland. The inscription reads:
    Gravestone of John and Ann Hooper. Boonah General Cemetery. The small stone to the right of the grave belongs to their son George James Hooper.

Children of Ann Burgess and John Hooper

Ann Burgess

F, b. circa 1821, d. 1828
  • Ann Burgess was born circa 1821 in Chiselborough, Somerset, England. Died aged 7 years.
  • She was the daughter of Samuel Burgess and Ann Crocker.
  • Ann Burgess died in 1828 in Somerset, England.
  • Ann was buried on 6 April 1828 in Chiselborough, Somerset, England. On same day as brother Daniel (Samuel.)

Ann Burgess

F, b. 2 June 1786, d. 9 January 1874
  • Ann Burgess was born on 2 June 1786 in Chiselborough, Somerset, England.
  • She was the daughter of Edward Burgess and Susannah Hallet.
  • Ann Burgess was christened on 4 June 1786 in Chiselborough, Somerset, England.
  • At the age of 23 years, 10 months and 21 days, Ann Burgess married Samuel Gard on 23 April 1810 in Chiselborough, Somerset, England.
  • Ann Burgess died on 9 January 1874 in Wysox, Bradford, Pennsylvania, at age 87.

Children of Ann Burgess and Samuel Gard

Ann Elizabeth (Elizabeth Ann) Burgess

F, b. 3 January 1854, d. 30 May 1933
  • Ann Elizabeth (Elizabeth Ann) Burgess preferred to be known as Elizabeth Ann.
  • She was born on 3 January 1854 in New South Wales, Australia.
  • She was the daughter of Samuel Burgess and Mary Ann Cleal.
  • About 1880 her name was legally changed to Elizabeth Ann Fitzgibbon Her change of name was most likely to protect her daughter Martha. No record of a marriage to a Fitzgibbon has been found.
  • Ann Elizabeth (Elizabeth Ann) Burgess witnessed the marriage of Martha Jane Burgess and Arthur Benjamin Beer on 18 July 1907 in Goulburn, New South Wales; Arthur was a 37 year old widowed printer's mechanic and lived in Goulburn. His parents were noted as Benjamin Beer and Rhoda Jones (deceased). Martha was 32 years old, lived in Goulburn and was a dressmaker the daugher of Elizabeth Ann Burgess. Witnesses to the marriage were F. W. Beer and Elizabeth Burgess.
  • Ann Elizabeth (Elizabeth Ann) Burgess died on 30 May 1933 in Goulburn, New South Wales, at age 79.
  • She orbituary appeared in the Goulburn Newspaper. "Mrs E Fitzgibbon - Following an illness extending over a period of 18 months, the death occurred at the residence of her nephew, Mr Samuel Burgess, Grafton Street on Tuesday night, of Mrs Elizabeth Ann Fitzgibbon, aged 78, a pioneer resident of Goulburn.
    The late Mrs Fitzgibbon was a native of this city, being the only daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Samuel Burgess, who came to Australia from Somerset, England, many years ago and took up residence on the Sydney Road. She resided here all her life, and retained a valuable knowledge of Old Goulburn. Mrs Fitzgibbon was possessed of a very retentive memory and was able to reflect in interesting fashion regarding early life in the city.
    She was educated at the old denominational school in the former Anglican Church at North Goulburn, now used as a private residence. She attended most public functions held in Goulburn in past years, she being present at the planting of the Lady Belmore oak in Belmore Park and at the opening of the Goulburn Railway. She often recounted an incident at the latter function, when the curate's horse took fright at the engine on the first train and bolted. She witnessed many other interesting happenings, including the opening of the extension line from Crookwell to Caralga, the opening of the Presbyterian Ladies College, and the Goulburn Was Memorial.
    Mrs Fitzgibbon possessed many interesting mementoes including a splendid album of English photographs, the marriage certificate of her parents in England in 1846 and the cedar trunk used by them on the trip to Australia. A clock owned by her was purchased from Mr J Mayo an old Goulburn watchmaker, on the day the Salvation Army opened in Goulburn about half a century ago. This is still a regular timekeeper.
    The late Mrs Fitzgibbon was of a quiet and retiring disposition, and had many friends and acquaintances. She was associated with the Salvation Army Home League for many years. For some years she resided at the residence of her only daughter, the late Mrs A B Beer, Lagoon Street and later took up residence in Bourke Street. She is survived by a grandson and granddaughter; Miss Myra Beer and Mr H J Beer both of Goulburn.
    The funeral took place at 3 o'clock this afternoon, the remains being interred in the old portion of the Wesleyan Cemetery.

    Interesting Relic - Newspaper Article
    Link with Old Goulburn

    An interesting relic - a 79 year old letter - has been found among the personal effects of the late Mrs Elizabeth Fitzgibbon, whose death occurred recently.
    Sent from Chiselborough (England) on May 9, 1854, the letter was written by Mrs Fitzgibbon's grandparents to her father Samuel Burgess, a one time Goulburn identity. The notepaper is folded in such a manner that it forms an envelope, and is tied with a piece of blue ribbon. It bears the following address:- Mr Samuel Burgess, Near Jews Burying Ground, Near Goulburn, County of Argyleshire, NSW.
    The writer mentions that he and his wife have reached an advanced age and are in receipt of two pensions of 2/6 each. They are renting a room for 6d a week and pary 9d for a 4lb loaf of bread.
    The late Samuel Burgess was born in Somerset, England on July 2, 1826 and came to Australia on December 23, 1852 , on the sailing ship "Petrel". He later took up residence in Goulburn, where he resided for many years.
    In the list of names supplied in connection with the death of Mrs Fitzgibbon, the name of a surviving brother, George."

Child of Ann Elizabeth (Elizabeth Ann) Burgess

Anna Burgess

F, b. 19 December 1812
  • Anna Burgess was christened on 19 December 1812 in Chiselborough, Somerset, England.
  • She was the daughter of Samuel Burgess and Ann Crocker.
  • At the age of 24 years, 2 months and 15 days, Anna Burgess married John Dodge on 6 March 1837 in Chiselborough, Somerset, England.
  • On 9 May 1854 Anna is menioned in a letter from her parents to her brother Samuel in Australia "...your sister Anna in Jersey and husband gives their love to you. They have four children. Times is hard in that island...."

Children of Anna Burgess and John Dodge

Anne Burgess

F, b. September 1853, d. 1859
  • Anne Burgess's birth was registered in the Somerset, an unknown place Registration District in the September 1853 Quarter. Ann died aged 4 years.
  • She was the daughter of John Burgess and Susan Hamlin.
  • Anne Burgess immigrated in 1855 to Moreton Bay, Queensland, with John Burgess and Susan Hamlin. John 36, and his wife Susan 31 travelled on the "Conrad" with their children Harriet 10, Elilza 7, George 4 and Anne 2. A son, William, was born on board the ship. John's sister Ann and her husband were also on the ship which arrived on 4 August.
  • Anne Burgess died in 1859 in Goulburn, New South Wales.

Anne Burgess

F, b. 16 February 1906, d. 5 September 1974
  • Anne Burgess was born on 16 February 1906 in Preston, Tasmania.
  • She was the daughter of Ambrose Burgess and Florence Elizabeth Butler.
  • Anne Burgess died on 5 September 1974 in Ulvestone, Tasmania, at age 68.

Annie May Burgess

F, b. 1907

Annie Rebecca Burgess

F, b. 11 July 1914

Arnold Edwin Burgess

M, b. 22 December 1898, d. 19 September 1971
  • Arnold Edwin Burgess was born on 22 December 1898 in Table Cape, Emu Bay, Tasmania.
  • He was the son of Edwin Burgess and Harriet Ramskill.
  • Arnold Edwin Burgess joined the AIF on 10 October 1917 in Claremont, Tasmania. His service number was T17167. He joined the 27/12th Batallion giving his next of kin as his father Mr E Burgess of Upper Calden, via Wynyard. He was a 5'6" farm labourer weighting 10 stone, with dark complexion, dark eyes and black hair. He was discharged four months later because he failed to obtain his parents consent.
    However he rejoined on 12 June 1918, with their consent, only to be discharged on medical grounds - synovites of the knee (swelling) on 8 August 1918.
  • At the age of 23 years, 8 months and 8 days, Arnold Edwin Burgess married Susan Caldwell Downs on 30 August 1922.
  • Arnold Edwin Burgess died on 19 September 1971 in Hobart, Tasmania, at age 72.

Child of Arnold Edwin Burgess and Susan Caldwell Downs

Arthur Burgess

M, b. 28 October 1871, d. 18 February 1956
  • Arthur Burgess was also known as Old Native.
  • He was born on 28 October 1871 in Deloraine, Tasmania.
  • He was the son of George Burgess and Mary Ann Smith.
  • At the age of 27 years, 3 months and 18 days, Arthur Burgess married Sarah Elizabeth McPhee on 15 February 1899 in Stanley, Tasmania. Their first child Arthur John was born later that year in Stanley. By 1907 when daughter Rubina was born they were in Scotchtown and then they moved to Smithton where Doreen was born in 1922.
  • Arthur Burgess died on 18 February 1956 in Wynyard, Tasmania, at age 84.

Children of Arthur Burgess and Sarah Elizabeth McPhee

Arthur George Burgess

M, b. 8 February 1874, d. 22 February 1875
  • Arthur George Burgess was born on 8 February 1874 in Deloraine, Tasmania.
  • He was the son of William Burgess and Rebecca Pickett.
  • Arthur George Burgess died on 22 February 1875 in Deloraine, Tasmania, at age 1.

Arthur John Burgess

M, b. 28 March 1899, d. 29 May 1975
  • Arthur John Burgess was born on 28 March 1899 in Stanley, Tasmania.
  • He was the son of Arthur Burgess and Sarah Elizabeth McPhee.
  • Arthur John Burgess died on 29 May 1975 in Smithton, Tasmania, at age 76.

Athol Ernest Burgess

M, b. 27 March 1916, d. 28 July 1984
  • Athol Ernest Burgess was born on 27 March 1916.
  • He was the son of Henry (Alfred) Walter Burgess and Harriet Grace Constance Edwards.
  • At the age of 25 years, 6 months and 21 days, Athol Ernest Burgess married Edna Charlotte Stewart on 18 October 1941 in St Stephen's Church, Smithton, Tasmania. The Advocate reported:- "The marriage took place in St. Stepen's Church, Smithton, at 7 p.m. on October 18, of Edna, youngest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Angus Stewart, to Athol, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Burgess, of Smithton.
    The fair-haired bride, who entered the church with her brother-in-law, Mr.
    M. Baker, was frocked in cream French slipper satin, made with a
    heart-shaped neck-line. Long sleeves extended to points over the hands, and the shaped back of the gown fell into a train. The veil, loaned by Mrs. R. Ambrose, drifted in soft folds from a cluster of orange blossom. The only ornament worn was a gold pendant, an old keepsake of Mrs. Stevens. The bride carried a sheaf of cream stocks and roses, softened with asparagus fern.
    She was attended by Miss Lois Ives, who wore white net, fitting the waistline and made with niched sleeves and a bod-ice of gleaming sequins.
    Her shoulder length veil of white tulle waa held in place by a topknot ofpink flowers, and her bouquet was composed of the pink tonings of sweet peas
    and schizanthus, veiled with asparagus fern. As the bride left the church, a dainty horseshoe was placed on her arm by Claire Burgess.
    The charming little cushionbearer, Marjorie Burgess, niece of the bridegroom, also wore white net. A pink floral spray was placed in her golden curls, and she carried a cream shirred cushion, made by Mrs. Peter Burgess.
    The ceremony was performed by Mr. Jerrim, Mrs. Packham presiding at the organ. During the signing of the register, Mr. Hardstaff sang the solo, "I'll Walk Beside You." The best man was Mr. Keith Burgess.
    The reception was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. Billing. The hostess was the bride's sister, Mrs. M. Baker, who chose a navy and white ensemble
    with navy accessories, and carried a posy of blue tonings. Mrs. Burgess, the groom's mother, wore brown, with match-ing accessories, and carried a posy
    of autumn tints.
    The wedding cake, of three tiers, was made by Mrs. Baker and decorated by Mrs. Billing. Numerous congratulatory telegrams were read, and the usual toasts were honored. The bouquets were made by Mrs. A. G. Ambrose.
    The home of Mr. and Mrs. Athol Burgess is at Smithton."
  • Athol Ernest Burgess died on 28 July 1984 at age 68.
  • Athol was buried in Ulverstone Penguin Cemetery.

Basil Burgess

M, b. 25 November 1893, d. 13 July 1955
  • Basil Burgess was born on 25 November 1893 in Sheffield, Tasmania.
  • He was the son of Henry Burgess and Mary Ann Sheehan.
  • At the age of 22 years, 5 months and 10 days, Basil Burgess married Ida Annie Frances Stone on 5 May 1916 in Guilford Junction.
  • Basil Burgess died on 13 July 1955 in Footscray, Victoria, at age 61.
  • Basil was buried on 15 July 1955 in Footscray Cemetery.

Beatrice Blanche Burgess

F, b. 13 March 1891, d. 7 December 1978
  • Beatrice Blanche Burgess was born on 13 March 1891 in Emu Bay, Tasmania.
  • She was the daughter of Edwin Burgess and Harriet Ramskill.
  • At the age of 17 years, 2 months and 14 days, Beatrice Blanche Burgess married Ernest Albert Poke, son of Jabez Poke and Jane Bisset, on 27 May 1908 in Seabrook, Emu Bay, Tasmania.
  • On 20 July 1967,her husband, Ernest Albert Poke died in Cooee, Tasmania, at age 83.
  • Beatrice Blanche Burgess died on 7 December 1978 in Ulverstone, Tasmania, at age 87.
  • Beatrice was buried in Somerset Cemetery, Burnie.

Children of Beatrice Blanche Burgess and Ernest Albert Poke

Bertha Elizabeth Burgess

F, b. 1 November 1888, d. 3 November 1911
  • Bertha Elizabeth Burgess was born on 1 November 1888 in Emu Bay, Tasmania.
  • She was the daughter of Edwin Burgess and Harriet Ramskill.
  • At the age of 22 years, 3 months and 7 days, Bertha Elizabeth Burgess married Ernest Henry Allen on 8 February 1911 in Wynyard, Tasmania.
  • Bertha Elizabeth Burgess died on 3 November 1911 in Wynyard, Victoria, at age 23. She died shortly after giving birth to twins who also died.
  • Bertha was buried in Flowerdale Cemetery.

Caroline Eva Burgess

F, b. 25 November 1871, d. 28 March 1955
  • Caroline Eva Burgess was born on 25 November 1871 in Mole Creek, Deloraine, Tasmania.
  • She was the daughter of Henry Charles Burgess and Elizabeth Walters.
  • At the age of 17 years, 1 month and 1 day, Caroline Eva Burgess married John Samuel Howe on 26 December 1888 in Emu Bay, Tasmania.
  • On 1 January 1929,her husband, John Samuel Howe died in Mole Creek at age 66. He died suddenly at his residence.
  • Caroline Eva Burgess died on 28 March 1955 at age 83.
  • Caroline was buried in Mole Creek Cemetery.

Children of Caroline Eva Burgess and John Samuel Howe

Cecil James Burgess

M, b. 5 June 1909, d. 2 December 2005
  • Cecil James Burgess was born on 5 June 1909 in Queensland.
  • He was the son of Alfred Burgess and Catherine Janet Bailey.
  • Cecil James Burgess and Irene Houghton's engagment was announced Warwick Daily News on 7 December 1940 (an unknown value.)
  • At the age of 31 years, 8 months and 10 days, Cecil James Burgess married Irene Houghton, daughter of Harry Fisher Houghton and Isabel Hird, on 15 February 1941 in Queensland.
  • Cecil James Burgess and Irene Houghton appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1949 living at Hampton. Cecil was a farmer.
  • On 12 November 1958,his wife, Irene Houghton died in Queensland at age 37.
  • Cecil James Burgess died on 2 December 2005 at age 96.
  • Cecil was buried on 16 December 2005 in Toowoomba & Drayton Cemetery. PLAW4-007-0094.

Cecil John Burgess

M, b. 1927, d. 2005
  • Cecil John Burgess was born in 1927.
  • He was the son of Frank Burgess.
  • Cecil John Burgess died in 2005.

Charles Burgess

M, b. 22 April 1845, d. 22 May 1846
  • Charles Burgess was born on 22 April 1845 in Launceston, Tasmania. Died an infant.
  • He was the son of George Burgess and Ann Haines.
  • Charles Burgess died on 22 May 1846 in Launceston, Tasmania, at age 1.